Sunday, 6 March 2011

Multicolour Swapshop

As all round art enthusiasts we have been clutching to the other artists and admirers we have met so far on our journey into the dark.

Clutching so hard in fact that we have been doing art-swapping. Its a bit like sex-swapping but without the bad smells and sticky awkwardness.

The first artist to feature into the 'Grimes & Jones Collection' is M'laden Stropnik, Slovenia's most intimidating export since Eurovision 2009.

Find his Juice musings here:

You can see the raw meat M'laden sent us at the top. Pretty yah?

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Desire and Repulsion

As figureheads of both desire (Grimes) and repulsion (Jones) we have been featured in an aptly named show at The Art Corner in Manchester.

If you havnt been there, dont worry. Some people have, and they decided to write about it:

We have officially been branded feminists. However the truth of the matter is we hate women.

No, in fact we hate everyone.

Thanks for all your support, keep it coming lovers!

P.s. (we dont hate you.)

P.p.s. (Ok... maybe just a little...)

P.p.p.s (Go on then, we hate your guts.)