Sunday, 18 November 2012

Miniature Heroes

Rural greetings and full-bellied hellos,

We simply must let you know that earth’s favourite soft-hedonists Grimes & Jones (artists) will soon be presenting a new exhibition of portraits:

Miniature Heroes

Grimes & Jones, like many other poster-ladened bedroom fanatics, are obsessed with celebrity culture. We find a disposable hero, through magazine columns and youtube snippets, and we begin digesting them (Wikipedia) – then we decide wether to celebrate or exorcise these (un)fortunate flash-in-the-pans.

Miniature Heroes is a cross examination of British media focus and popular culture obsession in the first 12 years of the 'new' millennium, a carefully selected list of significant British cultural contributors.

As self proclaimed 'Men of the moment' we have sculpted multi-sensory portraits to our 12 heroes and present an installation; inviting the viewer into a (grotesque) 'Hall of Fame' in which to worship them.

Using relevant tools and materials (e.g. Jack Duckworth – betting slips, ale, brown sauce, bird shit) we have rendered a chaotic window into the lifestyle and habits of the artist(s) (Paint-superior), married hopelessly with the bizarre and ridiculous world of celebrity stereotypes.

The private view is on Wednesday 12th December (12/12/12) and the exhibition runs until Sunday 6th January.

We would be moved if you could attend, or at least offer us your deepest condolences.