Sunday, 7 July 2013

No Armani, No Punani

“No soap, no hope.”
“No splash, no gash.”
“Wash your fingers for de mingers.”
“No Armani, no punani.”
“You touch it, you wash it.”
“No spray, no lay”
“No tissue, no issue.”
“No Davidoff, no suck it off.”
“No wash, no nosh.”
“No gum, no cum.”
“No money, no honeyz.”
“No cologne, go home alone.”
“No Calvin Klein, no 69.”
“No designer, no vagina.”

Monday, 1 July 2013

Sir Cyril Smith reenacts the Beatles (Flabby Road)

Shit got political.

Not really though.

We've always been a fan of girth, and we've found ourselves a real Beef, Stew and dumpling of a northern powerhouse to pay tribute to.

Sir Cyril Smith is a Rochdale bloke with a fascinating story of irresponsible behaviour, pig-headedness and a clear glut for hot puddings. (and soft bottoms).

A fellow soft hedonist - we've decided to depict him single handedly representing one of our most aesthetic British icons 'The Beatles'. Welcome to the gross age, Flabby Road.