Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Big John – (in)xclusion

Last Sunday we treated the wonderful city of Leeds to a Grimes & Jones performance painting.

Big John’ our tribute to all our unemployed heroes was created in front of an audience of live jobseekers and art world people.

Amidst a storm of Special Brew, Pot Noodle and application forms we bravely depicted our man, and what a man he turned out to be.

Many thanks to everyone who came and we are also very grateful to East Street Arts and Adam Young for organizing the event.

Visit the (in)xclusion website here.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Big John - live in Leeds

You are kindly invited to attend the 24 hour art event (in)xclusion in Leeds.

Grimes & Jones, Doncaster's foxiest art duo are pleased to present the live action painting and performance 'Big John'. Following the successes of previous action paintings in London, Grimes & Jones will be bringing their energetic painting technique back to their home land of Yorkshire, depicting for the first time their fictional giant in the portrait 'Big John'.

Watch the drama unfold live at 2pm, Sunday 26th February as part of (in)xclusion at Patrick Studios, St Mary's Lane, Leeds, LS9 7EH.

The empty can of non-brand Cola and yesterdays mucky paper on the dashboard of his knackered old Volvo perfectly sums up our hero Big John.

Big John is a fictional representative of all things good, he is the common man, confident in his own laziness, bathed in simple pleasures and comfortable shoes. This large oaf is the society of the publically unconcerned, an archetypal outsider. Jobless and warm hearted he is a man who lives in the space 6 inches in front of his face, and is frowned upon by his better-educated neighbours; the opinion poll voters, the stress weary up-talkers, the CV rat-racers. Don't judge Big John, he is the big fat elixir of life.

If you require any information or would like a lovely chat feel free to get in touch.

Grimes & Jones.

Call -07783864014.