Tuesday, 26 July 2011


One big room, full of bad bitches.
In order to help the public get inside the crusty minds of the artists featured in Septembers art sensation 'The Fish that bit Dad' a survey was done.
Each artist answered with integrity, and pursed lips:

What does the Fish that bit Dad mean to you? (were you there when it happened?)

Paul Kindersley : My dad almost got eaten by a shark- and i would never have been conceived- so thanks to that fish for not biting (too hard).

How were you raised? (Tell us your background)

Stephanie Homa : by communists..actually socialists, but english people see that as one and the same thing.

What is the message of your art?

Joana Cifre Cerda : Be true to yourself- follow your intuition- Do what you want and not what is expected of you.

Poland or Austria?

Stephanie Homa : I neither like my car being stolen nor do I prefer it to get locked away in some weirdos basement.

Are you any good at dinner? (which one?)

Grimes & Jones : We once made the lamb of jelly but in an unfortunate coincidence everyone had lost their appetite.

Favourite artist ever?

Grimes & Jones : Cher Lloyd.

Have you ever been in a fight?

Unnamed Slovenian artist :

sunday afternoon
sitting on bench rest and i ve got nothing to do
couple slips by
guy steps to me and pounches me in a face
fell of the bench rest
got up and run
guy starts runing after me
while running iam looked back where he might be
i see his girlfriend waiting for him at the same time go hit in a face
fell on the street
got some more footy cicks
he ended
no shit - i said to myself (pussy fight).

Do you have any pets?

Unnamed Slovenian artist : two fishes, two ants.

Pet hates?

Unnamed Slovenian artist : I hate dogs - that is my joke.

What role does imagination play in your art?

Summer Wheat : It was cast as the leading role.

Are you any good at thinking of stuff?

Grimes & Jones : I once thought about a snake biting someone at work. But i didnt tell anyone incase i got caught.

Tits or Arse?

Unnamed Slovenian artist : Phat ass & small tits mmm.

Who is your hero (art or otherwise)?

Summer Wheat : Elvis.

Can you smell gas?

Summer Wheat: Yes, most of the time i do smell this kind of thing.

When was the last time you got told off?

Joana Cifre Cerda : I always get told off at Art exhibitions for touching stuff.

Leff or Right?

Paul Kindersley : Leff hand type/ right hand wank.

The show opens at the Monks Gallery, Lincoln.

Thurs 1st Sept

Friday, 22 July 2011

The Self (I vs him)

Highly political, Grimes and Jones deal with themes of identity and estrangement ….. STOP you’re boring me.

Look at these pictures of us.


Credit to beloved and respected photographer Bohdan Cap and his camera of lights.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Cartoon - Silver Cloud

Did you hear the one about the cartoon and the nice tits?


Well there's still time.

'Cartoon', a new group exhibition curated by Josh Knowles and Joe Duggan, featuring none other than Grimes & Jones (and other equally important artists) opened last week and runs until the end of July.

Get out of the bath, quick, and get yourself down to:

Silver Cloud Gallery
46 New Broad St,

Open Mon - Sat 13:00 - 18:00

See our emporium of toss; an action painting we did on the opening night titled 'It's easy to get confused.'
Because it is.

Indulge yourself on some of the photographs and appauling behaviour from the opening night:

Jones with Paul Kindersley (of London fame) and his 'Alberts'.