Monday, 24 February 2014

Extreme Dream (makeover) - Paul Kindersley @ Nottingham Contemporary

Last week, bouffant egg-slingers Grimes & Jones ventured down to the city known for Britains least-recognised accent and gun crime. The reason? To witness our favourite arse-hole hungry internet pervert Paul Kindersley's 'Extreme Dream' (Makeover) at the Nottingham Contemporary. 

Paul has been effervescent in his online presence as a multi-platforming artiste - regularly spewing out his romantic / super-erotic line drawings; a sort of meaty-stew of iconic feminine celebs (male and female), erections and self-help messages delivered in a way that only Paul knows how. Long known for his exuberant, camp and frighteningly obsessive installations and performance work, he finds himself easy to stumble across both in the physical (amongst some of Londons sauciest galleries) and online realm.

His latest obsession has been in smothering himself in all manners of shit and filming it for his vastly popular Youtube channel 'thebritisharecumming'. And, as always with our flamboyant hero, people love it! These semi-satirical and uber erotic make-up tutorials have amassed over 300,000 views and serve as a throbbing pink weapon in Pauls artillery of quickly growing superstar firepower.

As if that wasn't reason enough to make the 'out of office hours' high speed journey past Sherwood Forest, Pauls performance night shared the venue with Marvin Gaye Chetwynds vast plushy sculptures and Tala Madani's colourful and bizarre paintings - a perfect chance to see some of art's biggest emerging stars outside of the golden glow of London! (for once).

Arriving just in time to apologetically bumble our way through the back of a neat little concrete stage room laid out with tables and chairs littered with various interactive assortments (special shout out to the pack of Haribo left on the table, which, being perfectly honest may have been anyone elses and was consumed by your grubby Yorkshire adversaries without hesitation). Paul, dressed appropriately in a crisp white shirt, some golden stilettos and quite literally the tightest trousers i have ever seen on a man (including some close contenders) worked the stage like an absolute slippery gay pro.

Inviting his 'competition winners' (victims) to step up and allow him loose on their fleshy mugs, we saw Paul transform bog-standard evening time pizza-eaters into their chosen superstar celebrities - everything from Elvis Presley to Barbara Windsor.

Oozing with charm, the hairy and unstoppable Kindersley brought a smile or two with his slapstick-bombastic approach to glamour; demonstrating just how polished his on-screen technique has become. Baffling, ridiculous, sparkling and queer-as-fuck - Paul's Hollywood approach to glamour is revolutionising how we respond to vanity... one glass of Lambrini at a time.

All this followed by a couple of pints 'down the old cock-a-hoop', a half hour perv of a beautiful young french girl (with boyfriend), a packet of beef and horseradish crisps and we left warm-crotched and hoping Pauls return to the North won't be too far away.

See Pauls show in action here: 

Follow him (at your peril) on Youtube: