Thursday, 8 September 2011

Stinks o' fish

One fish, 6 artists, loads of bite marks.

Working with the Monk's Gallery as part of the 6 Degrees series of shows, Grimes & Jones curatorial debut 'The Fish that bit Dad' exploded onto the Northern art scene in a blaze of wax, guts and glory.

The show features the work of 6 artists from around the globe, all individual masters of their medium -

If you missed the opening night DO NOT FEAR - the work will remain in the gallery for a whole month should you wish to see it; you can arrange a
private view or personal tour by either contacting ourselves or the Monks Gallery team.

Or if you’re not even arsed like,

Look, judge, now - here, stupid:


Joana Cifre Cerda

Raw Juice,

Unnamed Slovenian Artist

Bone Breaker (Detail from),

Summer Wheat


Paul Kindersley

God's Fridge,

Grimes & Jones

Animal Instinct,

Stephanie Homa

For more pictures of this haunting experience click here.