Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Vantage Art Prize 2013

We're here, We're queer and we'll drink your beer! (Gin).

You'll be stunned to find out that Grimes & Jones have been shortlisted for the Vantage Art Prize 2013 - showcasing Yorkshire's finest and most talented young artists! (Plus your two favourite pale faced shysters).

Our effort will be focused around an audience interactive painting titled 'Smile (But don't forget how ill you are).'

Here is a sharp-toothed window into our vulgar minds:

'Remember the good old days, when meals were sloppy, summer was sunny and everyone holidayed in Britain?

No, neither do we. 

We are the bi-product of a life of slime ; the pale, knobbly knee'd generation of cynics, equipped with frown lines and nicely ironed shirts and ties. We clutch to nostalgic memories of our ice cream laden youth, photographs of long since deceased pets, and the warm thought of a retirement in this peaceful paradise we once knew. 

Well, Grimes & Jones are here to offer a little slice of that paradise... a chance to re-live those seaside holiday moments you shared as a mucky faced toddler. Our 21st century 'peep hole carnival cut-out' paintings offer a 21st century solution to an age-old tradition. Step into character as you poke your head through an abstract expressionist painting, bringing together the artists infantile portraiture style with your sweet infantile photographic memories. (see picture example attached).
A sharp contrast in style to the Jolly fat maid, or Deck-chaired chubster you will remember from past 'Peep hole' photograph opportunities, what Grimes & Jones offer is a modern day equivalent of interactive fun - its like fun, only much more work-weary and grey.

So why not put your nicest smile on, let your hair-down, and lay tribute to your miserable life so far.

"Follow your dream" - But don't forget to put the bins out.'

The exhibition opens on Thursday 21st February at Ellington House, Leeds Valley Park and is sure to be a success, come along and support us two fat ladies - we might even win some dosh to blow on fatty dinners and funny DVDs.