Sunday, 22 July 2012

Retro video games - a tipping point in society?

What is your view on people who play retro video games? Do you think they are fat nerds with cheese-crisp breath? Or are you a slick hipster yourself? With a degree you’ve never used, a fit tween girlfriend and a cabinet full of vintage goodness?

Whatever side of the argument you take, there is a market for these things, but there also seems to be a slightly worrying trend of emotional problems, indecision and helplessness connected to the world of old video games.

Take these recent examples where the Blue Angel has sorted out problems for two men in their early twenties who both seemed to be on the verge of psychological problems until our painted prince stepped in.
The conclusion is obvious, have fun playing games, but if you find yourself sweating, jumping up and down and questioning your very existence, fucking stop it. Go outside.