Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Grimes & Jones Report

Memorable greetings and ay ups,

Here is a pot-bellied roar concerning the latest cultural girths from celebrity fox-hunters Grimes & Jones. These labours include new episodes of the Blue Angel, (the agony aunt all the accidentally pregnants are talking about) and some special short abusotainments entitled ‘Blue Views,’ where the holy one will give his opinions on a variety of important topics.

 Fans and those who have become emotionally dependent on the Blue Angel should also sign up to his Facebook page and Twitter accounts so they can benefit from his daily advice, an example of which follows: ‘Reading newspapers is for puffs’.

Meanwhile in the land of crusty paint Grimes & Jones continue to represent icons and spastics. Look out for our upcoming portrait of psycho killer Raoul Moat, which promises to be an insightful and thoroughly awful experience.

More news soon.

Keep calm and carry knives

Grimes & Jones (art superiors)

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