Tuesday, 21 October 2014

TIAF London - Action painting!

Last Wednesday night Grimes & Jones performed at The Independent Art Fair London, this wonderful event feautured over 70 exhibiting artists with some brilliant pieces for sale. It also featured art’s sourest lemons in full combat attire. 

Crammed into a narrow alley for maximum claustrophobia & menace we set about stropping, boozing and schmoozing and after a while one of our famous action paintings has been born; this time entitled Perfidia

The painting was based on the idea of a class reunion for some of the faces from Hogarth’s Gin Lane. A scandalous amount of alcohol was consumed, our bare feet became sticky with spilled gin, cheap acrylic paint & sweat, and the class of 1751 were able to out their differences aside for one big reunion. 

Oh what a night.

For those boz-eyed interpreters & analysts amongst you, here are some Key Facts to help you understand the work:

Many thanks to the amazing Wendy MacMillan for organising the event and to all the other exhibitors we met. 

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