Monday, 19 January 2015

And the newest addition to Grimes & Jones' Miniature Heroes is....

This month Grimes & Jones will present their Miniature Hero of 2014 – Mary Berry.

This skeletal sugar-pusher is a national treasure; the final of this year’s Great British Bake Off drew a higher viewing figure than the BBC’s broadcast of the World Cup final. 

All seems so innocent doesn’t it? But as Britain bakes and bakes, offices and workplaces around the country fill with chocolate brownies, flapjacks and other assorted shite. Could it be that these do-gooding dough punchers are fuelling the UK’s obesity crisis?

Grimes & Jones’ Miniature Heroes series celebrates successes as well as chastising notorious (or dangerous) acts from the last year; the continued appeal of Mary Berry straddles both categories like a smiling pensioner riding an overweight bucking bronco.

Mary will be on display initially for one night only as part of January's edition of ArtwalkWakefield on Wednesday 28th Jan.

Get into the lift and press the number 2 button, walk across the corridor and into a world of senile shame and double cream. 

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